Cipta Digital International


Cipta Digital International is a web-based FMCG store established in Jakarta and is poised to become one of the leading web store brands in Indonesia by 2030.

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Cipta Digital intend to cater to both corporate and domestic clients and will strive to meet all the demands of our customers in Jakarta and neighboring cities and that is why we intend to go into a strategic business relationship with your prestigious logistics company as our 3rd party logistics partner.

The Process

The process of Cipta Digital Int is based on the Waterfall Model. I aim to incorporate the key phases of Analysis & Requirement, Design, Development, Testing and Implementation in all of our projects.


Gathering Insights & Wireframe

After we had a 1st meeting, we created a wireframe for the website.

Design Component

The website uses the primary color green which gives the meaning of being healthy and growing. Green gives the meaning of calm, cool, cold, growth, raw, fresh, hope.

Mockup & Prototyping

After the wireframe process, i immediately execute the results in the website mockup with the elements that have been specified in the design component

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