Erent Application


Erent is a mobile-based application created for office users who want to borrow office equipment from Andromedia companies


UI/UX Designer






Andromedia has its own application to convert the existing designs in the Figma application into code. Because of this, designers are required to be able to create designs using the auto layout feature on all screens. So, I can say this is a design app that 100% uses auto layout in its work.

Erent also has an admin panel in the form of a web application. Therefore, I have to make a consistent design for both mobile and website. Thus, a coherent visual language and experience were mandatory, regardless of the obvious differences between a website and an app.

ui kits erent

UI Considerations

How to build and design an iOS and Android App following an MVP mindset? Create a mobile experience with repeated design and interaction patterns that could be easily adapted — so we started with iOS as the base.

This helped us be more efficient and reduce the effort for native users on both platforms (Android and iOS) — a win-win situation. We carefully chose common patterns and behaviors between the two platforms (bottom navigation) to define the application’s core features. For generic design elements (notifications, confirmation dialogues), we decided to use native components.

erent page preview

Erent App Prototype

After all the screens have been designed, I proceed to the prototype stage so that clients can more easily understand and try the interface that has been done

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