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One stop shopping for UMKM & Horeka in Pekanbaru. Providing business machines, various packaging, to home appliances such as lamps. Previously, FAI Enterprise already had its own website and logo, but the business owner wanted to expand his business even more so he wanted to rebrand.

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The Process

The process of Development is based on the Design Thinking. We aim to incorporate the key phases of Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype & Test


Design Component

FAI Enterprise rebranding uses the primary color orange with the meaning of strong, warm, full of ambition, energetic, friendly, friendly, adventurous, optimistic, confident. The designer combined the circle symbol with lightning/electricity. Where it is a form of presentation of FAI Enterprise that sells products related to electricity with full integrity.

Mockup & Prototyping

After the wireframe process, we immediately execute the results in the website mockup with the elements that have been specified in the design component

homepage fai enterprise
shop page fai enterprise

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