Noko Games


Noko Games brings a new and fun experience to playing arcade game machines directly controlled using a smartphone. Play various types of arcade game machines such as Crane Games with adorable prizes, cute mini games, to game machines with abundant tickets.

Noko Games is a project handled by PT Weefer Indonesia and the goal is to make an application that is fun, user friendly and can be played by all ages.


Weefer a pioneer in IT solution aims to provide enhanced and effective products/services to its customers. The company has built a reputation for itself by providing superlative services and maintaning a relationship with the people involved in the business.

I joined Weefer as a Designer two years ago as one of 2 designers in a company of over 50+ employees.  I support design across every aspect of our business and am responsible for UX and UI across key parts of the application side of the platform.

The Process

The process of Noko Games is based on the Waterfall Model. We aim to incorporate the key phases of Analysis & Requirement, Design, Development, Testing and Implementation in all of our projects.


Gathering Insights & Wireframe

After we had a 1st meeting, we created a wireframe from the Noko Games mobile application. We group in common themes and features on the platform.

Design Component

We use a blue gradient because blue means intelligence, wisdom, confidence. It is hoped that Noko Games can reflect increasingly advanced and smarter technology and with exciting arcade games it can increase user confidence in determining strategies and winning.

As much as possible, the Noko Games application is designed as fun as possible. The mascot of Noko in the shape of a turtle also gives a meaning to be slow but safe until the destination

Mockup & Prototyping

After the wireframe process, we immediately execute the results in the Noko application mockup with the elements that have been specified in the design component

mockup prototype

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