Website Redesign


Sekilasaja is a platform that explains the contents of books verbally in 2 formats namely video and audio to help people who don’t like reading and don’t like to spend a long time on a book


UI/UX Designer





The Visual Identity

By using strong and simple geometry and confident typography, I tried to make a website that previously looked clunky and old into a clean and modern one.


I did some research before design website’s interface, here’s what i found: confusing ux, user confused what to press to be able to read the book, lack of CTA leading to registration, page listen and read is better combined, random language, old style website. Here’s the capture of the old website

before website

UI Considerations

When design all the screens, careful attention was paid so that the color hierarchies were respected. White space was used generously to keep the layouts uncluttered. The problems mentioned above are attempted to be fixed with the final decision in the hands of the client

sekilasaja website
search page
subscribe page
watch page
listen page

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